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The Elite Performance Program is a uniquely powerful body of work that has been designed specifically for those high performers that are ready to take their life to the next level. It is not for beginners or dabblers but for those who are serious about having a new future. To be sure that you are a fit for the program we have a simple application process that is required for everyone.

The program is dedicated to every woman who has been caught up in the swirl of life and chasing success for so long that she has forgotten that she is strong, powerful, intelligent, independent, competent and capable and that the world needs your feminine gifts. You were born to have it all and have it your way. Every woman has the capacity to develop herself, chart her own course, and be and become who or whatever she chooses. There is nothing wrong with you, nothing to fix, and nothing to heal. The simple reality is that some of the most fundamental things you need to be productive, satisfied, and successful have never been taught to you. Now is your moment!


The Elite Performance Program consists of 18 online modules, each with an implementation assignment. It is designed to take 9-12 weeks to complete. You will be part of a 6 person learning team and have weekly coaching sessions with an HP2 coach.

The program is designed to enable you to take your life, no matter where you are now, to the next level. We call it the Elite Performance Program because we know that every one of you has the capacity to be an elite performer in whatever part of life you choose. The program contains the same developmental work that we have used to consistently produce elite performers in the worlds of sports, the military, and business. The promise of the program is simple. If you do the work you will realize more of your inherent human potential for satisfaction, productivity, passion, and purpose.

Why The Elite Performance Program?

Yes – there are lots of options for you out there. Your challenge is to determine which is the best one for you. You can do a weekend seminar and get motivated, you can go back to school and get educated, or you can enroll in the Elite Performance Program and get transformed. We have been doing this work for 30 years. We’ve got it dialed in and thus our promise is that it will work for you.

Here is what we know. In every womman's life there comes the moment when you feel alone, overwhelmed, lost, adrift, frustrated, or exhausted. You hit the wall. It seems that no matter what you do or how hard you work things aren’t getting any better and there is no end in sight. It may be that you just need a girls night out or it may be that there is something bigger going on. It's the something bigger that we want to work on with you.

Doing more of what you know how to do only harder and faster is a strategy for tragedy. We know a better way, one that enables you to design and deliver a new future for yourself and those that you care about.


For 30 years we have been designing and delivering large scale transformational work for some of the top companies and organizations in the world. These are not people who waste time and money on things that don’t work.
Here is a small sample of those who have entrusted us with their future.


Men's Elite Performance Program

  • Duration
    9-12 Weeks
  • Location
  • Content
    18 modules + implementation assignments
  • Coaching
    1 coaching session per week.
  • Format
    Learning teams of 6 people working together as you complete the online modules and assignments.
  • Cost


This program is designed for woman young or old who are truly interested in developing more of their latent human potential and designing and delivering a different future for themselves and those they care about. In particular this is the perfect program for:
  • Any woman who is feeling frustrated, burned out or has lost her passion for her life.
  • Any woman who wants to take her life up to the next level of satisfaction.
  • Any woman who is ready to start her own business.
  • Any woman who wants to reshape her career.
  • Any woman who is ready to have more in her life!
  • Any woman who is looking to move up in the organization.
  • Any woman who is doing great and wants to do better.
  • Any woman who wants to recharge her life.
  • Any woman who is ready to realize her dreams.
  • Any woman who wants to be an Elite Performer in any realm.


"Buy it, use it, share it with everyone you know. This is a real life changer, and you will not be the same after having done this program and applying the message in your life. A simply breathtaking and timely piece of work."

Lynne Twist
Author of The Soul of Money and founder of The Pachamama Alliance
I’m most grateful for the opportunity to be part of this program. It has allowed me the opportunity to develop not only some strong relationships with a fantastic team, but the sharing of thoughts and ideas has allowed me to develop myself as a better leader, co-worker, friend and parent.

Darla Bowers
Director, Sales Development and Operations
What I found most profound for me from this adventure I embarked on with HP2 apart from the academics, lasting friendship, and passion for life, was the road I travel with myself in search of myself....sounds strange, but simply put.... I have re-ignited my soul.

Dhasi Naidoo
Business Manager South Africa


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